Kidde KN-COEG-3 Nighthawk Plug-In Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Alarm with Battery Backup

  • Two alarms in one - detects carbon monoxide and explosive gas
  • Three convenient mounting options - direct-plug, 6-foot power cord, and table top
  • Digital display shows the level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing so the unit updates this reading every 15-seconds
  • Peak level button displays the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged
  • 9-Volt battery backup provides continuous protection, even during power outages
  • 7-year end of life warning alerts user to replace CO alarm after 7-years of operation (40-percent longer than other CO alarms)
  • UL Listed
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The Kidde 900-0113 AC powered, plug-in CO and explosive gas alarm protects you and your family from two deadly threats. The 900-0113 includes 9V battery back up that provides protection during a power outage, when AC-only units can not. By pressing the Peak Level Button you can see the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged. The continuous digital display shows you the level of carbon monoxide (if any) the unit is sensing as well as if gas is present. The gas sensor is a metal oxide sensor designed to detect natural gas (methane) or propane.


The Kidde 900-0113 provides you and your family a level of protection that you have come to expect in a Kidde product. The alarm is easily installed in any of your AC wall outlets, giving you the choice of a direct-plug, a 6' power cord or a table top unit. Depending on how or where you wish to mount your unit, you can get exactly what you need for a perfect application. The 900-0113 is UL listed and offers a 7-year life and a 5-year limited warranty.

Kidde CO alarms are not approved for use in unconditioned spaces* such as garages where environmental conditions may poorly affect alarm performance.

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Batteries9 volt battery backup (included)