Kidde 20-9003 Quick Connect Adapter for Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors


  • Install 900-CUAR and 900-CUAR-V hardwired detectors quicker and easier
  • Quick Connect wiring adapter for connecting to existing Kidde/Firex wire harnesses
  • Allows a new Kidde detector to be interconnected with other Kidde smoke and combination detectors
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Product Details

The Kidde smoke and combination detector wiring adapter is used to easily connect a new Kidde smoke or combination detector with other Kidde hardwired alarms without having to strip wires or use wiring nuts. The Kidde wiring adapter creates a quick and easy installation experience for hardwired detectors.

The Kidde wiring adapter is for use with Kidde branded products only. This adapter can be used to quickly allow replacement of the listed Kidde legacy models with new Kidde models which use the new style connector without having to rewire or replace the existing legacy Kidde models wire harness:

i12020, i12020A,i12040, i12040A, i12060, i12060A, i12080, i12080A, i4618, i4618A, i4618AC, RF-SM-ACDC, PE120,P12040, Pi2000, Pi2010, KN-COSM-I, KNCOSM-IB, KN-COSM-IBA, KN-COPE-I, KN-COPE-IC,KN-COB-IC, KN-COP-IC, SL177i, SLED177i, HD135F, SM120X, CO120X, i12010S, i12010SCO,P4010ACSCO, P4010ACSCO-W, P4010LACS-W, P4010ACS, P4010ACS-W, P4010ACLEDS-2,P4010ACLEDSCO-2, 3050-VAS10-A, 3050-VASC10-A, P4010ACSCO-WF, P4010ACSCOAQ-WF.

Key Features

  • Install hardwired detectors quicker and easier
  • Allows installation to an existing Kidde wiring harness
  • Allows a new Kidde detector to be interconnected with other Kidde smoke and combination detectors
  • Designed for use with interconnected hardwired alarms, see User Guide for compatibility
  • For use only with Kidde branded detectors only
  • Not compatible with BRK and First Alert alarms
  • 10-year limited warranty


Turn off AC power before attempting to connect wire harnesses or adapters. This smoke alarm adapter allows the installation of new Kidde alarms to existing “legacy” Kidde wiring harnesses. When using this adapter, the power harness supplied with your new Kidde alarm is not used. Connect the 20-9003 adapter to the legacy (existing) Kidde wiring harness. To install the adapter, push the large end of the adapter into the existing wired Kidde harness and confirm it snaps into position. Give a small tug to make sure the adapter is snapped into place. Then insert the opposite end of the adapter into the back of the new unit. After installation, turn on AC power and be sure that the AC power indicator is operating and test all your alarms following the instructions supplied by the alarm manufacturer for your specific alarm model. If the alarms are interconnected, push the test button on each alarm and verify that all the interconnected alarms sound when any alarm is activated. The interconnect system should not exceed the NFPA interconnect limit of 12 smoke alarms. SEE USER GUIDE FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS.

User's Manual

User Guide for Wiring Adapter for Connecting to Old / Existing Kidde Wire Harnesses - 20-9003 - Published Date: 4/24/2023

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