Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in North America, Carbon Monoxide (CO) is odorless, tasteless and invisible – it's a silent killer. The only safe way to know if carbon monoxide is present is to install carbon monoxide detectors (alarms) on every level of your home and in sleeping areas. Kidde has been making CO alarms with electrochemical sensing technology for years.

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Kidde KN-COB-DP2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm AC Powered, Plug-In with Battery Backup

  • Tamper Resist Feature – Can be activated to cause unit to go into alarm if it has been unplugged or has come loose from the outlet. 
  • 2 AA Battery Backup – Provides continuous protection even during power outages.
  • Low Battery Hush – Silences low battery chirp warning for up to 12 hours in order to maintain protection without having to replace the batteries at an inconvenient time. 
  • Event Memory – If the unit has detected CO concentrations of 100ppm or greater, the green LED will flash every 10 seconds. 
  • Battery Pull Tab – Eliminates battery installation time.
  • Loud 85 Decibel Alarm – Alerts of deadly CO gas.
  • Test/Reset Button – Tests the alarm electronics and resets the unit during alarm.
  • Green Led – Indicates alarm is receiving power and operating properly. 
  • Red Led – Illuminates when in alarm mode.
  • Quality Design – 10 year limited warranty
  • UL Listed – Listed by UL as a 
  • Single Station Carbon Monoxide Alarm ( Model KN-COB-DP2) ( Assembly # 900-0263 )

    Kidde 900-0278 Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm AC Powered with Battery Backup and Digital Display

    • Digital Display- Displays the level of CO the unit is sensing. LEDs provide clear daytime visibility that automatically dims in dark conditions.
    • Peak Level Button- Displays the highest level of CO recorded since last reset. Ideal for checking previous conditions while away or to assist medical responders.
    • Test/Reset Button-